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Hypnotherapy Training Institute

American Council Of Hypnotist Examiners

Westwood Publishing | Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Books

Gil Boyne | Clinical Hypnotherapist / Teacher / Author

Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Britain

Dr. John Butler | Clinical Hypnotherapist / founder of HTI of Britain

Here And Tao Hypnotherapy | Gaye Wilson RN, CCHT

The Portal Hypnotherapy | Gweneth 'Rose' Dietrich CCHT

Dan Elliott Hypnotherapy | Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic | A state-licensed health clinic providing free, complementary, alternative care to low-income women with cancer. (Note: Volunteer opportunities are available at CMCC. Click on the volunteer link for more information.)

Tempest | my husband's fabulous Celtic Rock band

The Transcendental Meditation Program

Second Life | amazing 3D Virtual World

Skype | free internet telephony and communication

Mixed Signals Synesthesia Site


American Alliance Of Hypnotists

Hypnotherapist Register.com

Hypnotherapy and resources to stop smoking in London

Roy Hunter's Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
Training, books, links, info & official FAQ.